IAM hosts a series of events under the IP Business Congress (IPBC) banner. IPBC Global is an annual event hosted in June, alternating between Europe and North America, with the 2015 event planned for June 14 to 16 in San Francisco. IPBC Global addresses issues at the cutting edge of IP value creation and management. It brings together acknowledged IP thought leaders from around the world in an atmosphere specifically designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences.

IPBC Asia is the only annual event in Asia-Pacific to focus specifically on IP value creation and reflects the region’s growing importance in the international IP marketplace. The 2014 event will be held in Shanghai on December 7 to 9 2014.

IPBC Japan was held in Tokyo on September 4 2014. The first IPBC to focus on a specific country, it attracted over 200 senior Japanese corporate attendees. IAM plans to host further country-specific events.